Why have standard stationery when you can have branded stationery?

Acrobat Promotions is one of the UKs leading independent promotional merchandise suppliers. One of the most popular product categories we are providing our clients with is branded stationery. Stationery includes so many different items including pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, envelopes, staplers, post it notes and much more.

Stationery-Blog-Acrobat-Promotions.jpgThe dictionary definition of stationery is “Writing and other office materials.”

Why have standard stationery when you can have branded stationery? Branded stationery is perfect for advertising or for a corporate gift. Having branded stationery works well as a giveaway at tradeshows and exhibitions.

One of the most popular giveaway item at exhibitions and tradeshows is a pen. They are regularly given out at conferences and networking events. We have pens to suit everyone’s needs – a budget pen for price sensitive promotions up to executive pens with a lower minimum order quantity and higher price tag. One of our most popular pens is the Contour or Curvy pen – this is a good quality budget pen which comes in a wide range of colour choices. You can see why it is so popular.

Even with more and more people using technology throughout the day, pens, paper and whiteboards are still used by most businesses. Businesses rely on them on a daily basis - great for quickly making notes which you can later refer back to.

On 27th April 2016 it is World Stationery Day so why not purchase some pens or notebooks, or even both for your next campaign or giveaway. You can never have too much stationery! More information about World Stationery Day can be found out at http://worldstationeryday.com/

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