Top 5 things you need to remember when organising a Golf Day

On 18th May it is Golf Day.  Golf Day's origin is shrouded in the myth and legend of this particular sport. Some people say its origins lay in 1916, when the first professional golf tournament was held on this day. Others claim that the first tubular steel golf club shaft was allowed to be used in championship play for the first time on this day.

Holding a golf day is a great way to network and secure new business. Organising and hosting a corporate golf day is a good marketing tactic. But it takes lots of preparation to ensure you achieve the best out of the day.Golf-Tees-Acrobat-Promotions-Blog.jpg

The preparation for company golf days have already started for many companies. Make sure you do not forget the importance of logo and branding at all stages from invitations and sportswear to pens and umbrellas. Also do not forget to brand the scorecards. The more paperwork with your name and number on it, the more likely you will get a call from someone at the golf day. Another great item to have at golf days are pop-up banners in the clubhouse at lunch or even on the course itself.

Any corporate event is an opportunity to expand your brand and corporate identity. Even if your golf day involves just a handful of guests, do not miss out on the opportunity to reinforce your business values.

At Acrobat Promotions we have put together a list of the top 5 things you need to remember when holding a golf day

  1. Ensure invitations are sent out early so that you can attract the people you want to be there.
  2. Identify a quality venue. It doesn’t matter how much preparation you devote internally to your corporate golfing day, the event will fall short of expectations if your venue lets you down.
  3. Prizes and goody bags – fill these with items the winner would want but more importantly have branded products in the goody bags including branded tees, golf balls and pens
  4. Make sure you consider food as central to your day
  5. Most importantly MAKE IT FUN!

Don’t delay get your golf day organised today. Contact us today for any promotional merchandise that you need to help make your golf day successful.