Summer promotional merchandise ideas

Summer is the perfect time to advertise your brand using everyday summer essential items. From a marketing point of view it is very important to choose a promotional product that is suitable for the summer and is useful to the recipient. 

Customers are always asking us “what are the best summer promotional gifts?” so here at Acrobat Promotions we have compiled a list of our top 6




Our top promotional gift for summer is Canper. Canper provides a new and better experience when drinking directly from a drinks can. Its sleek and comfortable design enables the consumer to drink from a can without direct mouth-to-can contact, which is neither pleasant nor hygienic and which could be very unpleasant should a bee, wasp or other insect fall into the can. Canpers unique re-closable cap can be attached to the opened pull tab while drinking and can be used to close the can when not drinking. Canper is a great marketing tool. The Canper cap can be printed and is therefore a useful and unique tool for branding, advertising and sales promotions.



Branded Beach Balls

A fun way to promote your company during the summer months. Available in small, medium and large sizes. Pantone matching is available.





Branded Sunglasses

A great summer giveaway. These are available in 10 standard colours and also pantone matching is available. Or alternatively for something a bit different we sell sunglasses with built in bottle opener.





Branded Snack ‘N’ Sip Tumbler

A great useful giveaway. Plastic Tumbler with snack compartment build into the lid. Snack whilst you sip! Available in black, royal blue and red.





Branded Flying Discs

An enjoyable giveaway for everyone to use. Available in a variety of colours.






Travel Kits

Travelling on business or pleasure makes this kit a must including 2 refreshing wipes, 2 antiseptic wipes, 2 plasters, tissues, pen, notepad, suncream and lipbalm. Available in a wide range of box colours and includes a full colour label front and back to your own design.



We hope you have found the above list helpful. Contact us today for a quote for these and any promotional merchandise that you need to help make your summer campaign successful.