APL_PPE.pngIn these most testing of times in business where we all find ourselves experiencing many changes to our working lives and practices, we need to be able to adapt. It is our collective responsibility to make changes to help protect our employees, customers and suppliers with solutions for the workplace such as hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes and face masks and of course operate social distancing. It seems that in the short to medium term, this is the only way to get back to business safely and employee’s will be asking their companies what they have done to ensure they are safe to return.

Whether you’re office based, customer facing, working in a factory or on the road, in the new world we all need to be prepared with added protection and being visible in doing so will help instil confidence within your teams and help to return to normal working life, well as normal as possible.

The demand globally for personal protective equipment (PPE) has increased massively with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting every corner of the world. This has made obtaining stocks of PPE items challenging across all industries.

In the branded merchandise industry, our global sourcing specialists are continually working to secure lines of products designed to help you get back to work and safely, and we're doing our best to bring you the right PPE products for you and your business.

Our latest range of PPE and sanitation products has been careful curated with your business needs in mind, meaning products that can be supplied without excessive lead times and are of high quality and certified where required. Most products are brandable of course and what better way to convey your business’s responsible approach to getting back work than featuring your brand on the PPE items, whether for your own staff or for people outside your organisation. With some stock available now and more stock due in the beginning/middle June, now is the time to act, we want to help you ensure you’re ready for the return to business.

The current range is in the PDF downloadable PDF.


If you need something specific please feel free to call or email us, we will do everything we can to help you keep your people safe.

Use PPE always and anywhere where necessary. Observe the instructions for use, maintain them well and check regularly if they still offer sufficient protection.